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I have never been good at blogging and especially about something this personal. However this past year reading the stories from other parents who have lost children really helped me not feel alone. So I am going to try to share what I can so that something in our story might help someone else. 


 Most posts will be pieces from my journal I kept the first year, the parts I feel like I can share. 

I won't be doing a lot of sugar coating and for family and friends who know me this might not be an easy read. Some posts are going to be happy but most will be so far from it. If you are going through loss you may want to use the topic tabs incase you are in a different place or your heart isn't ready to hear something I mention.

Trigger Warning: Some post will also include my second pregnancy with what I hope is our Rainbow.

Those posts will have a 🌈 in the title. 

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